Card Details

Your credit limit

If you exceed your credit limit, your purchase(s) may be declined. If a purchase exceeding your credit limit is approved, you will be charged a $29 over-limit fee, once per statement period.

This fee is not applicable to residents of Quebec.

We value your business and want to ensure that you have a credit limit that is sufficient for your needs. For new accounts, we typically need to establish a minimum of 6-months account history before increasing your credit limit. To request a credit limit increase, or decrease, call 1 855 775-2265

You can view your new credit limit after you sign in to your online account on the ‘My Account’ page; or you can view your new credit limit on your next statement. 

Sign up for Rogers Bank account alerts, and we’ll automatically notify you by text or email whenever there is a change to your account, including a change to your credit limit. To sign up for account alerts, sign in to your online account and select ‘I want to…’ and select ‘Manage alerts’.

Travelling with your card

Our fraud detection systems automatically protect your account while you travel, so you do NOT need to notify us of your travel plans prior to your departure. Continue to use your card normally, and we’ll only contact you if needed.

Please ensure that your account information contains your current email address and mobile number. This will help us contact you as quickly as possible in the event of suspicious account activity.

Account Alerts

You can also sign up for Account Alerts to be notified of account activity while you’re away, including monthly payment or budget reminders. To sign up for Rogers Bank account alerts:

  1. Sign in and select the 'I want to...' drop-down menu.
  2. Select 'Manage alerts'.

While traveling, you are also protected by:

  • Mastercard® Zero Liability: We won't hold you responsible for unauthorized use of your credit card.
  • Chip & PIN Technology:The data on your credit card’s chip is extremely difficult to copy or change, protecting against counterfeit fraud, and the PIN provides added protection if your card is lost or stolen.

You can request a cash advance in the country where you are travelling. A $5.00 fee applies per cash advance made outside of Canada. Please refer to the Rogers Bank disclosure for the annual interest rate on cash advances.

All transactions made in a foreign currency are converted to Canadian dollars at the rate established by Mastercard International in effect, on or after the date of the transaction and no later than the date the transaction is posted to your account (which may not be the same date as the date of the Transaction) plus an amount equal to 2.5% of the transaction amount after it has been converted to Canadian dollars.

To verify the Mastercard® exchange rate before you make your purchase, please visit:

With all Rogers Bank Mastercard® credit cards, you will earn a higher rate of cash back rewards if you pay in foreign currency - while travelling outside of Canada, or when making an online purchase with a non-Canadian merchant. If you choose to pay in the foreign currency you will also benefit from the Mastercard® exchange rate, rather than the exchange rate offered by the local merchant. 

Transaction activity on account alerts will show your purchase amount in Canadian dollars with the exchange rate applied. The purchase amount on your statement includes the 2.5% foreign transaction fee in addition to the exchange rate.

Interest Rates

You can view the Rogers Bank Mastercard interest rate and fees within the disclosure summary, click here.

If you don't pay your bill within the interest-free grace period, the interest is calculated from the time of the purchase. See Cardholder Agreement for complete details here.

You can avoid being charged interest by paying the full statement balance by the statement due date. This is your interest free grace period! This interest free grace period does not apply to cash advances, cash like transactions or balance transfers.


The dishonoured payment fee is $42.00 each time a payment you make from or to your credit card account is dishonoured.

A $5.00 fee applies when you purchase items that are directly convertible to or similar to cash, including money orders, wire transfers, travellers cheques and gaming transactions (including betting, off-track betting, race track wagers, casino gaming chips, and lottery tickets).

For further details, review the Cardholder Agreement and Disclosure Summary.

$5.00 for an additional copy of your monthly statement or to reprint a transaction record. There is no fee for a transaction reprint for residents of Quebec.

For further details, review the Cardholder Agreement and Disclosure Summary.

$29.00 when your outstanding balance exceeds your credit limit; fee is charged only 1 time per statement period. This fee is not applicable to residents of Quebec.

For further details, review the Cardholder Agreement and Disclosure Summary.

Cash advances can be processed at an ATM or any bank. It is $5.00 each time you obtain a cash advance inside or outside Canada.

For further details, review the Cardholder Agreement and Disclosure Summary.

An emergency card will take about two days to arrive. There is no charge to receive an emergency card.