Fraud Alerts

When we notice suspicious activity on your account a fraud alert can help keep your account safe. A text or email is sent to the mobile number or email associated with your account, at no charge (within Canada). To avoid delays in notifying you, sign in to update your contact information today.

How does it work?

As a cardholder, you will be automatically registered to receive fraud alert notifications by, email or free text message to Canadian mobile numbers1. If we notice suspicious activity on your account, we will send a text message from the following number, 76437 (sender will also display as Rogers Bank).

Responding to the fraud alert by text message is easy:

  • Respond Yes to the message, if you made the purchase, no further action is required from you.
  • If you did not make the purchase, type No and one of our fraud specialist will contact you or if you prefer, call us at 1 855 275-2217 immediately.

If you receive a fraud alert by email before noticing the text message do not respond to the email; call our fraud specialists, at 1 855 275-2217, if you did not make the purchase.

We may need to block your card if we do not receive a response or cannot get in contact with you to verify that you authorized the transaction.

We will never ask you:

  • For your personal or sign in information such as usernames, passwords, or PINs
  • To click on a link. If you receive an email of this type that appears to be from Rogers Bank and does not have our watermark, do not click any links, open attachments, or reply to the email.
  • To link to third party sites or send you a text or email from a third party site.

To Opt Out

You can opt out of fraud alert text messages at any time; however, if suspicious activity is detected on your account we will then attempt to contact you by phone or email.

Text ‘STOP’ to 76437, from the mobile number you DO NOT want to receive fraud alert text messages. Change your mind, type ‘START’ to 76437.

Learn more about how your account is protected.