Lock or unlock your card

Lock or unlock your card

If you accidentally misplace your card, you can block new purchases on your primary card by temporarily locking it (supplementary cards cannot be locked).

While your card is locked, pre-authorized (recurring) payments and pending transactions will continue to process normally, and you can still redeem your cash back rewards and receive credits (refunds, adjustments and redemptions).  You can unlock your card at any time.

Lock/unlock your card using the Rogers Bank app

  1. Download the Rogers Bank app for iOS or Android here:

    Download on the App StoreGet it on Google Play
  2. Sign in with your existing online banking credentials or register your Rogers Bank Mastercard to the Rogers Bank app on your smartphone.
  3. Tap More at the bottom-right of your screen.
  4. Tap Manage Your Card.
  5. Tap Lock/Unlock Card.
  6. Tap Lock Card.
  7. To unlock your card, return to the Lock/Unlock Card page and tap Unlock Card.

Lock/unlock your card online

  1. Sign in or register here.
  2. On the ‘My Account’ page, click I want to… and select Lock/unlock card from the drop-down menu.
  3. Read the notice, then click Lock Card.
  4. To unlock your card, repeat step 2, then click Unlock Card.