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Maximize Your Cash Back

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How to Qualify

To qualify for 2% unlimited cash back on all eligible purchases1, you must have 1 qualifying service with Rogers, Fido or Shaw.

All qualifying products must be billed to a Rogers consumer account for which you are the primary account holder or a level one authorized user.

Rogers mobile plans must be postpaid to qualify. Business/corporate plans do not qualify. Mobile plans with chatr, Fido or any other brands owned or acquired by Rogers do not qualify.

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You will be eligible for 2% cash back if you are actively subscribed to only 1 eligible service. Eligible services include:

  • Postpaid Rogers-branded consumer mobile plans (which includes wireless home phone and tablet data plans). For these plans, users who have permission to make changes (i.e. a Level 1 Authorized User) are also eligible.
  • Postpaid Fido-branded consumer mobile plans – primary account holders only (which includes wireless home phone and tablet data plans)
  • Any Rogers, Shaw or Fido-branded internet, TV, home phone, home monitoring or satellite service – primary account holders only




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Home Phone

Satellite service

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Cash Back Earn History

You can check how much you’ve earned on your purchases and your current earn rate in the Rogers Bank app by tapping Rewards > Earned Rewards History, or by calling the number on the back of your card.

It may take up to 7 business days for changes to your status as an Eligible 2% Customer to be reflected.

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